Dazy Samaj Seva Samiti

Dazy Samaj Seva Samiti

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This section given an overview of Dazy Samaj Seva Samiti , values and commitment , and its management . It also gives details of vision this samiti founded .This NGO founded before 6years and started their journey to motivate women and girls towards their moral values and their rights so that they can educated with all these things and they will do something different in their life. NGO will start shortly brave girl campaign in Madhya Pradesh in interior areas through general knowledge competition and will educate winner girls .NGO giving training to interior areas where girls were not aware about hygiene practices also women don’t want to educate their younger one . NGO has initiated lots of training section and provide lots of information to use Sanitary Napkin.

Our Vision every girls should use Sanitary Napkin and she must educate towards hygiene practice .

Sanitary napkin is one of the topic in India were no body want to speak with each other but our NGO has established one platform where every one can discuss with each other openly and share their thoughts .