Our Services

Web Design

The web 2.0 standard has been accepted by our clients for its benefits of numerous facilities. The web 2.0 design templates, our web 2.0 designers have developed, have numerous designing facilities like effortlessness, innermost layout, appealing color contrasts and intelligibility. Some of the main specifications of web 2.0 design are. Simple Looks-The web 2.0 design templates has a lot more features but the designs are as simple as possible for the users. Through the simple designs achieving the business-objectives are more possible.

Our solutions are fully customized, with focus on client business goals and expectations. We utilize a extensive range of advanced technologies such as ASP.Net, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, AJAX and CSS. Combining creativity, hands-on-experience and expert insight, our team delivers client-centric solutions. We are committed to maintaining high standards of site accessibility and architecture, and website navigation and usability.

We strive to give fixes that meet current industry fads, methods and advances. Our point is to accommodate professions develop their mark, increment client fulfillment and support benefits.

Web Application

99 TECH SOLUTIONS has the extensive expertise, experience and resources to deliver full spectrum of Enterprise Application Integration and Application Development Services : Software applications, Web application or Custom application -that best suit our client’s needs, budget, schedule and existing infrastructure.

99 TECH SOLUTIONS offer services such as Web design and development, Application development,Offshore software maintenance and establishing dedicated offshore software centers for our customers.

Our committed professionals aim to provide our customers with software solutions par excellence. Our vision is completely synchronized with that of our customers and we view the projects from first-hand perspectives.

Custom Software Development

Modern business is totally internet driven and stiff competition in the network that should be mandatory in all business planning strategy. Offshore software development will bring much-needed life into your business so you can enjoy a competitive advantage and push up the chart ROI.

99 TECH SOLUTIONS is strongly focused on creating customer-oriented application software. The development team carefully reviews and analyzes the processes of the customers existing equipment. He did a gap analysis to ensure full compatibility between the current system and custom developed applications. The prayers are designed, tested and deployed for total customer satisfaction. We have experience in:

1.Custom application development
2.Application re-engineering
3.E-commerce application development
4.Enterprise level software application development
5.Customized CRM and CMS development
6.Application extension and up-gradation to make it more scalable for future business
7.Custom web based application development using technologies like ASP.net, PHP
8.Client – Server Application Development

Technology Expertise

We use following tools and technologies to provide above mentioned custom application services: 1.Microsoft Platform: .NET Technologies, SQL Server,Oracle, Adobe Flex, iPhone and Android programming
2.Open source : PHP, MySQL, Linux and Apache
3.E-commerce application development
4.Others : Oracle, Adobe Flex, iPhone and Android programming
99 TECH SOLUTIONS provides application development in India through its offshore development center for its global customers to reap the benefits of robust, scalable applications, cost effective and customized software.

Quality Assurance & Testing Services

While we offer a complete range of Quality Assurance solutions, we also provide our customers the mobility of choosing examining solutions that best selection their needs. For example, examining solutions such as performance tests, regression tests, and stress tests are particularly useful before use of an application for a generation run. On the other hand, examining solutions such as features tests, and integrated, tests help ensure the building of better software. Our various Quality Confidence Testing solutions include.

We focus on solving our client’s issues through intelligent and prompt programs. We rely on our steady and efficient workforce working behind the desk to ensure customer’s satisfaction.



From the past few years there has been an uncommon development in the online market center. Presently the whole lot is ready on the web, from home stuff to office gears. This is why competition near markets for customer base has expanded essentially, and consequently new and innovative ways have needed to be thought out so as to conclusively showcase an item on the web. It is great to have an effective website for intense market, however if no one knows about or clicks onto your site.

Content Development

At 99 TECH SOLUTIONS we concentrate on areas like coherence level of the website, uploading speed and minimum web server bandwidth usage. We provide innovative features integrated into the website. Our CMS website development solutions are user friendly, have effortless navigation, and also maintains the website aesthetics.

We trust that our CMS website development assists online business companies in significantly reducing the electronic costs and at the same time increase the productivity levels. We take total care to design and develop CMS so that our customers get rich hauls from our flexible, reliable, efficient and relevant solutions.

Content Management System can integrate with a web site and allow for modifications, additions, and deletions to the existing site content and structure. Access is given according to the security clearance of the personnel and a history of all the modifications made is maintained in an organized manner

Online Brand Management

Brand is a stage of any business that can effortlessly get any of the business sector throughout any worldwide situation. It takes a few years and hard stuff to transform an item into a brand. Brand is that phase of a specific business where the sole name is sufficient to carry growth to the deal. After a feature turns to a famous brand, then there is a need to administer its name and notoriety in the connected business. That being said, there are a few methods and topologies that can serve you with connected brand administration.

One of the major parts of staying informed regarding the notoriety of your brand is by knowing the competition. To get the preferable learning of your brand’s worth and its notoriety you need to know the action of sources, contenders identified with your mark. Knowing the rank of your competitors on the web and what your merchants discuss your brand aides you track the notoriety of your brand.

Here at 99 TECH SOLUTIONS a brand of connected utilities carries you with part bundle of connected brand administration where one can find item fixes in removing different varieties of false scam affirmations that can break your relations with your clients. Our adroitness crew does the whole lot to carry you with business grin with ideal viewpoints with a specific end goal to help your relations with your potential corporate markets. In this way, we contained changed bundles that definitely under the achieve of your wallet.

PPC Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a search engine marketing service where every time a customer clicks your ad in search engines results, the advertiser has to pay a certain amount of money. In other words, you as an advertiser have to pay for every click on your ad. But an advertiser is not charged for his ad to just appear on the sponsored results.

Our company provides unsurpassed monitoring of your PPC accounts. We check in on their progress many times a day. By performing such frequent monitoring, we are able to stay on top of the ever-changing bids for the top search engine rankings on the Internet. If your position is threatened, we will be there to protect it. This type of monitoring would take much more time than your company could likely spare on its own. Our vigilance makes us an excellent value

Search Engine Optimization

99 TECH SOLUTIONS in India, is a company that provides a quality SEO Search Engine Optimization / SEO Services and Internet Marketing Solutions. Our dedicated team of SEO professionals ensures Guaranteed Top 10 search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Our processes are designed with SEO in view the Google SEO guidelines and white hat SEO techniques are strictly adhered to, so that our customers around the all over India to get the best services SEO.